Regina Tallarico was a human female, who served in the Earth Starfleet, and later in the Federation Starfleet in it's early years.


After completing her Starfleet training in late 2155, she was assigned to the Discovery (NX-04) as a pilot with the rank of ensign. During her time on Discovery, the ship's helmsman, Ensign Travis Mayweather, took her under his wing and gave her additional piloting instructions. In November of that year, the Discovery was destroyed by a Romulan suprise attack over Berengaria VII. Tallerico along with most of the crew managed to escape the ship before its destruction, but with extensive injuries. As a result she received an honorable discharge from Starfleet.

After this, she enlisted as a civilian pilot to the Alpha Centauri merchant marine. After the founding of the Federation in 2161, she was reinstated into Starfleet with her old rank. (ENT novel: Tower of Babel)

In October, 2162, she was handpicked by Captain Malcolm Reed to be his helmsman aboard the USS Pioneer due to her experience and connection with Travis Mayweather.

In April, 2163, after an engine accident, along with the rest of the crew, she was forced to go to the catwalk in order to be protected from the radiation belt of a super-Jovian planet. Eventually, the crew solved the crisis without casualties. (ENT novel: A Choice of Futures)

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