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Regula-1 Orbital Station Deckplans was a role-playing game supplement released by FASA, as part of their Star Trek: The Role Playing Game series.


From the book jacket
The Regula-1 Orbital Station Deckplans contain extensive blueprints and room descriptions of the R-1 Type station, as see in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Also included are the R-1 station's history, descriptions of its eight variants and support craft, and a list of all stations in operation. While running The Strider Incident, the gamemaster should use this book to keep track of action aboard Defense Outpost 1121.



C.W. Harn
Referenced only

Starships and vehicles

Aldebaran 1Alpha Bootis 1Arcturus 1Ariadne 1Bargrik 1Beta Darius 1BiblioTech 1Boundary 1Bugblatter 1Cassopeia 1Charybdis 1Chimera 1Clanhaven 1Compassion 1Defense Outpost 6Defense Outpost 18Defense Outpost 29Defense Outpost 36Defense Outpost 43Defense Outpost 44Defense Outpost 60Defense Outpost 85Defense Outpost 89Defense Outpost 91Defense Outpost 102Defense Outpost 112Defense Outpost 148Defense Outpost 157Defense Outpost 194Defense Outpost 216Defense Outpost 229Defense Outpost 238Defense Outpost 248Defense Outpost 287Defense Outpost 323Defense Outpost 337Defense Outpost 361Defense Outpost 366Defense Outpost 372Defense Outpost 375Defense Outpost 396Defense Outpost 417Defense Outpost 438Defense Outpost 457Defense Outpost 498Defense Outpost 507Defense Outpost 524Defense Outpost 545Defense Outpost 573Defense Outpost 579Defense Outpost 581Defense Outpost 602Defense Outpost 607Defense Outpost 608Defense Outpost 629Defense Outpost 665Defense Outpost 724Defense Outpost 735Defense Outpost 768Defense Outpost 780Defense Outpost 797Defense Outpost 856Defense Outpost 859Defense Outpost 893Defense Outpost 930Defense Outpost 1038Defense Outpost 1051Defense Outpost 1121Defense Outpost 1204Defense Outpost 1237Defense Outpost 1286Defense Outpost 1317Defense Outpost 1378Defense Outpost 1426Defense Outpost 1427Defense Outpost 1428Defense Outpost 1520Dragon Lady 1Fafnir 1Fillandia 1Gamma Hydra 1Gammorah 1Ghidrah 1Gilgamesh 1Grendel 1Gritchin 1Hyde 1Hyronalin Base 1Ipicran 1Landisa 1Lyra Niobe 1Maximus 1Mercy 1Miranda 1Mothra 1Namu 1Nightmare 1Nosferatu 1Othello 1Pallas 1Parley Point 1Pennywise 1Polladori 1Poltergeist 1Raven 1Regula 1Rodan 1Sasquatch 1Scylla 1Shadow 1Snark 1Terra 1Tingler 1T'prelki 1Typhon 1Unitas 1Unity Point 1Ursis Load A-1Ursis Load B-1Vega Prime 1Vermithrax 1Vlad 1Vulcan Annex 1Wief 1
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Starbase 10


Stars and systems

Al RijilCheronLyra Niobe

Stellar regions

Murisaki QuasarOrganian Neutral ZoneRomulan Neutral ZoneTriangle ZoneTritonian Comet Cloud

States and organizations

Chiokis Starship Construction CorporationKlingon EmpireOrion ColoniesRantura Shipping LinesStarfleet • (Starfleet CommandStarfleet Intelligence Command) • United Federation of Planets (Federation Bureau of Interstellar TradeFederation Council) • Vulcan Science Academy

Technology and weapons

K classR1 Administrator classR1 Artisan classR1 Harmony classR1 Informant classR1 Investigator classR1 Invictus classR1 Mercy classSamson class

Ranks and titles


Other references

Operation DixieprotomatterRigellian blood fever





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