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Rehaek was a Romulan man who lived in the 24th century.


During the time of the Watraii Crisis in the year 2377, Rehaek worked secretly with Senator Hiren to assassinate individuals that were allies of Praetor Neral whilst he was in negotiations at Pacifica with the United Federation of Planets. This led to assassinations of key individuals with the events dressed up as incidents so that no suspicion was drawn to the deaths. This was to weaken Neral's powerbase and allow Hiren to assassinate the Praetor and usurp the position. (TNG novel: Epiphany)

In 2379, Rehaek assassinated an ailing Koval. (TTN novel: Taking Wing)

By 2380, he was a Director within the Romulan Star Empire's feared intelligence service, the Tal Shiar. After the assassination of the Imperial Romulan Senate and the death of the mad Praetor Shinzon of Remus, Rehaek was one of many factions that sought dominance on Romulus. As part of his activities, he offered the Tal Shiar's services to Praetor Tal'Aura in keeping the Remans out of the political talks at the time. He was also responsible for the murder of Senator Pardek in order to curb his warhawk party which sought to declare war against the Federation. (TTN novel: Taking Wing)

In 2381, Rehaek was still serving as Director of the Tal'Shiar. During that period, he was contacted by Praetor Tal'Aura to investigate a theory proposed by Federation Ambassador Spock that Empress Donatra had hired a Reman assassin to murder the Ambassador in order to stop the reunification movement. Rehaek discovered the carefully planted evidence implicating Donatra, but also discovered that Tal'Aura was the real person behind the assassination attempt. Rehaek himself developed a plan to use the attempt on Spock's life to take over and unify the two Romulan Empires under one banner once more under a puppet leader he would choose. Before he could act, however, Sela assassinated him on behalf of Tal'Aura. (ST novel: Rough Beasts of Empire)

Alternate realities[]

In 2386, after the murder of Tal'Aura, his investigations claimed that Sela was responsible for the death of the Praetor but refused to show his evidence. As a result, this led to a feud between the two of them. Later in the year, his family home was bombed which brought about the death of his wife and young daughter. Rehaek's body was never found and it was believed that the explosion vaporized his body. (ST website: The Path to 2409)



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