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Rejias Norvan was a Bajoran man and a Ohalavaru leader in the 24th century.

In 2380, Rejias led a large group of Ohalu followers to Endalla, where they planned to blast deep into the moon to locate evidence to support their beliefs that the Prophets were not deities to be worshipped. Their activities were detected by the crew of the USS James T. Kirk and Elias Vaughn was tasked by the Bajoran government to remove them. Rejias was hostile towards Captain Vaughn's attempts at establishing a dialogue, to the extent he fired his weapon at Vaughn's shuttlecraft. Vaughn asked Benjamin Sisko to mediate in his role as Emissary of the Prophets, although Vaughn was hoping to distract the Ohalavaru long enough for his away team to deactivate the transporter inhibitors placed in the immediate vicinity. Rejias was able to activate another inhibitor as the Ohalavaru were transported to the Kirk and fired his weapon at the excavators, killing himself and six other followers in a massive explosion that destroyed a large part of Endalla's surface. (DS9 novel: Original Sin)

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