The chronology of the Star Trek Relaunch novels covers the period of the late 2370s and 2380s after the final on-screen outings of the series set in the 24th century: The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager. It was designed to bring all of the Star Trek universe into a single continuity, with characters and story arcs making multiple crossovers between series. It also encorporates the novel series New Frontier as well as elements introduced in Vanguard. The new novel series Star Trek: Titan, and a number of original miniseries were also created specifically to fit into this continuity.

The events of the Relaunch timeline were ultimately retconned by official canon after the arrival of new television series such as Star Trek: Picard, but it still remains the most ambitious world-building endevour ever undertaken by officially published Star Trek tie-in media. In total the relaunch covers almost twenty years of novels and short stories, from Avatar, Book One published in July 2001, to To Lose the Earth, in October 2020.

  • The first Next Generation and Titan relaunch novels, Death in Winter and Taking Wing respectively, both begin during, not after, the events of the final TNG film, Star Trek Nemesis.
  • Although A Stitch in Time was published as the final numbered Deep Space Nine novel, it was retroactively added to the Relaunch continuity as it is written as a letter from Garak to Julian Bashir, who can be seen reading it in Avatar, Book One. The Relaunch also continues a number of story arcs and naming conventions which first appeared in this novel.
  • The reprint of the anthology The Lives of Dax utilised the Relaunch DS9 logo as opposed to the more generic Star Trek branding as its framing story takes place after the television series finale, What You Leave Behind.

The Novels[edit | edit source]

  • Novels marked with ** are not necessary for plot continuity.
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