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In the tradition of "Unification", here is the story that fans of the original Star Trek series and Star Trek: The Next Generation have been clamoring for—Montgomery Scott's return to the Star Trek universe and his encounter with the crew of the USS Enterprise (NCC 1701-D).
Missing in space for seventy-five years, Scotty manages to survive against incredible odds, only to be found by the crew of the starship Enterprise. Though rescued, Scotty soon finds himself lost in a world that he barely recognizes, a world that has passed him by…
But the adventure is not over for Captain Scott who must do the impossible when the new USS Enterprise faces a very old danger in a remote sector of space. This time, Captain Picard and his crew will need more than all of their courage and all of their skills to save the great starship from destruction. This time, they will need a miracle worker.



Episode characters

Kerry BartelEric Burton's motherBeverly CrusherDataGarveyJaeDarrin KaneGeordi La ForgeLopezMartinezJean-Luc PicardSariel RagerWilliam T. RikerDennis RussellMontgomery ScottDeanna TroiDarien WallaceWorfUSS Enterprise-D computer
Referenced only
Freeman DysonElaanMatt FranklinGuinanJames T. Kirk

Novelization characters

James ArmstrongKerry BartelBridgesPavel Chekov (hologram)Beverly CrusherDataMatt FranklinGuinanDarrin KaneJames T. Kirk (hologram)KiskiKrauseGeordi La ForgeLeonard McCoy (hologram)MorenoMiles O'BrienJean-Luc PicardSariel RagerWilliam T. RikerBen SachsMontgomery ScottSpock (hologram)Andy SousaHikaru Sulu (hologram)TranhDeanna TroiNyota Uhura (hologram)Worf
Referenced only
David BaileyBarrymoreJohn ChristopherSean Jeffrey ChristopherCliffordCoburnDeCampoVincent DeSalleFreeman DysonAlbert EinsteinElaanFerris KaneRayna KapecJames T. KirkJames T. Kirk (android)LustigLeonard McCoyHarry MuddPetersonSarekWilliam ShakespeareNoonien SoongSpockAndrew StilesTattinger

Starships and vehicles

USS Enterprise-D (Galaxy-class) • Christopher (type-6 shuttlecraft) • Goddard (type-6 shuttlecraft) • USS Jenolen (Sydney-class) • LaSalle
Referenced only
USS Enterprise (Constitution-class) • USS Hornet


Dyson SphereTen-Forward
Referenced only
ArgeliusEarthElasNorpin VNorpin colonyScottish HighlandsScotlandStarbase 9Starbase 55TriskelionTroyius

Races and cultures

Referenced only

States and organizations

StarfleetUnited Federation of Planets
Referenced only
Ferengi AllianceStarfleet Academy

Science and technology

annular confinement beamantimatterdeuteriumdilithiumduotronicDyson spheregravitonholodeckhologramisolinear circuitryneutroniumphoton torpedoshieldssubspaceTitan probetractor beamtransportertransporter bubbleVISORwarp enginewarp field

Ranks and titles


Other references

Aldebaran whiskeybagpipesgolfKobayashi Maru scenarioThe Laws of PhysicsMacbethpaprikaSaurian brandyScotch whiskyshuttlebaystardatesteak au poivresyntheholTheory of Relativitytribble



  • A scene between Scotty and Troi in Scotty's quarters was filmed for the television version, but deleted due to time constraints. It features in the novelization.
  • The novelization later became an audiobook adapted by the author (although credited as Jan Michael Friedman) and narrated by James Doohan with an introduction and conclusion by LeVar Burton. The U. K. audiobook edition is ISBN 067185612X.


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