Rell was a 23rd century humanoid native to Theta VII.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Rell was the one member of his generation with a form of empathic telepathy and served his people as their worldsinger. His talents enabled him to record the essence of Theta VII and its people. He spent his life absorbing and safekeeping that information.

In the mid 2260s, Rell and the rest of his people were evacuated by the Federation to survive the upcoming implosion of their homeworld.

In 2267, Rell returned to Theta VII aboard a spacecraft in order to absorb the final moments of his planet. With his world collapsing to dust, he felt he would no longer have any function among his people and should die with his planet.

The USS Enterprise arrived to study the breakup of the planet and detected Rell on the surface. After Rell took in the last moments of the living world, James T. Kirk rescued him, proposing that Rell use his gifts to help preserve the heritage and cultures of other ailing worlds.

Rell joined the crew of the USS Copernicus, and his empathy was first applied to the planet Ramedes III. (TOS comic: "Worldsinger")

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