The Reman Free Vessel Vkruk was the name given to a 22nd century Romulan Shirekral-class starship when, in late 2379/early 2380, it was used to transport twenty-nine Remans to Federation Outpost 22. The Vkruk, commanded by a man named Jianuk, seemingly originated from the Miridian system, and Jianuk claimed to be seeking political asylum for himself and his passengers. The was eventually discovered to be a ruse, at which point the Vkruk made a suicide run at the outpost, killing all passengers and three Starfleet crew on the outpost.

The Vkruk was named for Vkruk, viceroy to Shinzon during his brief rule of the Romulan Star Empire. (ST novel: Articles of the Federation)

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