Remata'Klan was a Jem'Hadar soldier during the Dominion War. He served under the Vorta Keevan.

In 2374 Remata'Klan was part of a Dominion unit that was marooned on a planet in a dark-matter nebula. Despite being the senior most surviving Jem'Hadar in the unit, he was not promoted to First because he questioned the Vorta's orders to enter the dark-matter nebula. Two days later, he and Fourth Limara'Son discussed their situation on a ridge-top while observing a group of Starfleet officers escape from the wreckage of the Robinson. Remata'Klan was later sent by Keevan to negotiate the exchange of Elim Garak and Nog for Captain Benjamin Sisko and Doctor Julian Bashir. Several times, Captain Sisko talked about his experiences with Omet'iklan. Remata'Klan was well aware that Keevan was planning to send his unit into an ambush where they were to be killed before the supply of ketracel-white ran out. Before engaging the entrenched Starfleet unit, Captain Sisko revealed the Vorta's betrayal and offered to sedate Remata'Klan and his men until a supply of white was procured. Remata'Klan refused this, citing "The Order of Things". He was buried on the planet where he and his men fell. (DS9 episode: "Rocks and Shoals", DS9 - The Dominion War novelization: Call to Arms..., CCG set: The Dominion)

In 2376, Ezri Dax thought of Remata'Klan as an example of a mature and more disciplined Jem'Hadar when Elias Vaughn divulged information on some Starfleet research which indicated Jem'Hadar became less violent and more disciplined as they aged. (DS9 - Avatar novel: Book Two)

In 2377, Sisko cited Remata'Klan as an intelligent Jem'Hadar soldier, but who lacked free will just like Omet'iklan and Taran'atar. (DS9 novel: Fearful Symmetry)

The "K" in Remata'Klan's name has been capitalized in two different ways.

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