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"Remembrance" was the first episode of Star Trek: Picard in the program's first season, which premiered on 23 January 2020 on CBS All Access.


At the end of the 24th century, and fourteen years after his retirement from Starfleet, Jean-Luc Picard is living a quiet life on his vineyard, Château Picard. When he is sought out by a mysterious young woman, Dahj, in need of his help, he soon realizes she may have personal connections to his own past.



Dahj AshaSoji AshaB-4CalerDataIndexAgnes JuratiLarisNarekNumber One (dog)Jean-Luc PicardRichterZhaban
Referenced only 
Bruce MaddoxKasidy YatesWorf

Starships and vehicles[]

Borg cube
Referenced only 
USS Enterprise (Galaxy-class explorer)


Earth (Sol system, sector 001, treaty boundary quadrant 0, the galaxy's Alpha Quadrant) • Romulan Reclamation Site
Referenced only 
Mars (Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards) • Romulus (Romulus system, the galaxy's Beta Quadrant)

Planetary locales[]

BostonFrance (Château PicardParis) • Okinawa, Japan (Daystrom Institute) • San Francisco (Starfleet archives)
Referenced only 

Races and cultures[]

Referenced only 

States and organizations[]

Daystrom InstituteStarfleetUnited Federation of Planets
Referenced only 
London KingsRomulan Star Empire

Science and classification[]




Technology and weapons[]

computerdaggerdirected energy weaponknifehologrampistolrifletransporter

Materials and substances[]

Food and beverages[]

Ranks and titles[]

admiralcaptaincommanding officerdoctorFederation Starfleet ranksFederation Starfleet ranks (2360s-2370s)Federation Starfleet ranks (2370s-2380s)Federation Starfleet ranks (2380s)Federation Starfleet ranks (2390s)lieutenant commandernumber oneoperations managerscientist

Other references[]

clothinggovernmentnation-statepaintingpyramidraces and culturesrankscienceStarfleet uniformStarfleet uniform (2366-2373)Starfleet uniform (2373-2386)Starfleet uniform (2380s)Starfleet uniform (2390s)titleuniformWorld War II


During his time serving on the Enterprise-D, Data paints the set of Daughter canvases. (30 years prior to episode)
Data sacrifices himself to save Picard. (TNG movie: Nemesis, "over 20 years" prior to episode)
Mars begins massive construction project making evacuation vessels. (PIC - Countdown comic: "Countdown, Issue 1")
First Contact Day, 5 April, 2385
Rogue synths attack Mars. (Short Treks episode: "Children of Mars", PIC episode: "Maps and Legends")
Laris and Zhaban become housekeepers for Chateau Picard in gratitude for his actions. (PIC - Countdown comic: "Countdown, Issue 1")
Romulus is destroyed in a cataclysmic supernova. (TOS movie: Star Trek)
Retired, Picard lives on his vineyard and is interviewed on the 12th anniversary of the supernova. (PIC episode: "Remembrance")


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"Remembrance" and Short Treks episode: "Children of Mars" are the first canon productions with scenes set in the 24th century after VOY episode: "Endgame", TNG movie: Nemesis and Spock's flashback in TOS movie: Star Trek, and some of the information appears to retroact the continuity of non-canon licensed works that take place in the interim, most notably IDW Publishing's Countdown and the post-finale series of TNG and Titan novels from Pocket/Gallery Books.

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