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Introduction (blurb)[]

A special crossover event, bringing two great crews together in celebration of the twentieth anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation!

Book 1:

The USS da Vinci is sent to Icaria Prime, where a team of archeologists--aided by Captain Jean-Luc Picard, Lieutenant Commander Data, and Lieutenant Christine Vale of the Starship Enterprise--have found what may be the Krialta, a legendary Gretharan object from the time before they were wiped out by the Letheans.

However, the dig is suffering from rampant equipment failures, looters have raided the camp, and the people are having vivid hallucinations of memories they'd rather forget. Even as Commander Gomez tries to discover the cause of the malfunctions, Dr. Sarjenka must treat the hallucinations--but she doesn't understand why Picard and Data, whom she's never met, look so familiar to her...

Book 2:

The away team is trapped on Icaria Prime. The cause of both the hallucinations and the equipment failure is the Krialta--but one of the pieces is missing. Commander Corsi and Lieutenant Vale must work together--for the first time since their fatal first meeting a decade ago--to find the missing piece before everyone on the planet--including Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the Starship Enterprise--is driven insane!

Meanwhile, both Commander Gomez and Dr. Sarjenka must face demons from their past, as the Krialta brings long-dormant memories to the surface, ones that will change their lives forever!


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Carol AbramowitzAegrisGabriel CollinsNancy ConlonDomenica CorsiPaul CunninghamNella DarenDataDaviaraDantas FalcãoBart FaulwellGemmaDavid GoldBelinda GomezGuadalupe GomezSonya GomezVance HawkinsSusan HaznedlRennan KonyaKyrilLenmarMaP8 BlueJean-Luc PicardLaura PoynterSarjenkaAnthony ShabalalaInana SkandaSolomanFabian StevensTamppariChristine ValeMakk VinxSongmin WongYevarin
Referenced only 
Dar AbleenJulian BashirAldo CorsiGiancarlo CorsiBeverly CrusherDavisDomarEkaranRachel GilmanHeyerdahlIdisesJames T. KirkGeordi La ForgeElizabeth LenseLiankatakaBrilson LodineLuponWayne OmthonKatherine PulaskiWilliam RikerSantayanaSenkareTobias SheltMor glasch TevDeanna TroiJameson Tucker

Starships and vehicles[]

USS da VinciUSS ElginUSS Enterprise-EUSS HavanaKwolekUSS O'KeefeUSS ProgressShirley


AndorArdanaArgoBarcelonaCairoCardassia PrimeCrelmacDeep Space 9Delta Eridani systemDrema IVEarthEgyptGalvan VIHumusIbizaIcaria PrimeKelvas Repair FacilityMariposaMount SeleyaPibroch CityRakaran RiverSahuSan FranciscoStratosSun BayTenebTherin ParkUtopia Planitia ControlVenusVieques

Races and cultures[]


States and organizations[]

Cambridge UniversityFederation Archaeological CouncilFederation CouncilFederation Security and EmergencyObsidian OrderOxford UniversityStarfleet AcademyStarfleet Medical

Other references[]

anesthezineaspirinatropinebelladonnaberylliumCathedral of the Holy WisdomChianticoffeedelta-wave inducerDelvan fluff pastryDenebian slime devildesegraninedilithiumDominion WarElanian singer stoneembriviteemotion chipExcalibur (sword)Federation News ServicegesulaGuinnessHigh Gretharan periodHigh TribunehippocampushololabHoly Grailhot chocolatehydrocortileneI'danian spice puddingIzar Peace OfficerJenkaraKakerna KranaKrasmirakrebaKrialtaLiverpool FCManchester UnitedMars Defense PerimetermelorazineNotre Dameparietal lobeperidaxonprojectile weaponQuietraktajinoRed PyramidreekaRessikan fluterizatriptanSacred Chalice of RixxShran memorialTarvokian pound caketapasthoron radiationTraiakaUprisingUprising DayUprising MemorialVigenère cipherWall of Heroesyenara-root teazinfandel


  • This two-part story was the last entry in the Star Trek: Corps of Engineers series prior to the original eBook series being put on hiatus.

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