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:Tucker's nickname is misspelled "Tripp" in this story.

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Enterprise comes across a dilapidated pod with five human lifesigns on board. T'Pol speculates that it is from one of the early colony ships. Tucker and Reed go across by shuttle and retrieve an elderly woman, Kendra. She has been trying to get back to Earth for forty years with her four grandchildren in a form of suspended animation: They were born on board and their parents sacrificed themselves so there would be rations for them.

Kendra initially keeps their existence to herself, reluctant to trust the crew especially when she finds non-humans on board, but eventually tells the truth. A shuttle manages to bring the out of control pod onto Enterprise. Soon after, Kendra dies after making the crew promise to take the children back to Earth.

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Lost Moon is attacked and sets a course towards Earth.



Tucker's nickname is misspelled "Tripp" in this story.


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