Renat the Old was an Orion man of the 12th century. He was the second Emperor of the Orion Empire.

Following the assassination of Emperor Boyor Ignatin the Righteous in October 1062 CE (reference stardate −10/6210), clan warfare and rioting spread to destroy the entirety of his family line. Hence, a fearful Botchok Planetary Congress (BPC) named Renat the Old as the next Emperor. However, Renat would have to contend with succession conflicts for sixteen more years, amidst a period of general turbulence in the Colonies, the Reverse.

On March 7th, 1132 CE (stardate −9/3203.07), Renat created the Orion Provincial Senate in an effort to bring rebellious and seceded Colonies back under BPC control. The Senate was unpopular and most Colonies refused to even send delegates. It lasted for only five sparse sessions.

Renat conceived of more reforms, but died before he could implement them, on April 30th, 1154 CE (stardate −9/5404.30). He was succeeded by his nephew, Arnet the Thoughtful, who implemented his uncle's reforms. (FASA RPG - The Orions module: Book of Common Knowledge)

There appears to be an error in the chronology, in that Renat died in 1132 (reference stardate −9/3203.07) yet Renat created the Senate in 1154 (reference stardate −9/5404.30). This article reverses these dates for clarity.
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