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This character is a member of the Picard family.
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This character is a member of the Riker family.
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Rene Jacques Robert Francois Picard was a male Human born aboard the USS Enterprise-E in 2381, the son of Jean-Luc Picard and Beverly Crusher, and half-brother of Wesley Crusher. He was named in honor of Robert and Rene Picard, Jean-Luc's older brother and nephew respectively, both of whom died in a fire ten years before, as well as Jack Crusher. (STO novel: The Needs of the Many, TNG - Typhon Pact novel: Paths of Disharmony)

Online timeline

As an adult, he was married to Natasha Riker-Troi, the daughter of William T. Riker and Deanna Troi. Rather than follow in the footsteps of his parents, Rene instead decided to continue the family wine making business on Mars. (STO novel: The Needs of the Many)

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