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Log Entries

  • Captain's log, Stardate 8748.4
    I have now committed to the plan to send one of my officers into Romulan space-- alone...
    'Knowing full well that it is a mission she may never return!
    I wish it were not so-- but events outside my control have dictated this course of action. And I firmly believe that if anyone can pull this gambit off...
    ... It is Lieutenant Saavik!
  • Personal log, coded access only
    I have retrieved Professor Peter Erikson from the Romulan outpost to which he fled.
    Disguised as I am, and flying a captured craft of Romulan design, my subterfuge went undetected...
    ... And largely unimpeded by the planet's lawless inhabitants and the ragtag Romulan guards.



AgorraPavel ChekovPeter EriksonJames T. KirkOnurisSaavik
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DenexMark PalevskiT'Cine

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Neutral ZoneRomulus

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Other references

knifeneural surgerphaserphoton torpedoRomulan ale



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