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Renkova was a Human female in Starfleet in the 23rd century.

In 2246, Renkova served as the science officer of the USS Aldrin. When Lieutenant Commander Christopher Pike had also recently came on board the Aldrin as temporary first officer during a period of increased tension between the United Federation of Planets and the Vestios system, Renkova and Pike became friends. She felt herself to old to pursue a relationship with Pike, and saw that Pike was really interested in Lieutenant Hana Flowers.

Pike soon became concerned that Captain Kamnach was acting in a reckless manner. Renkova had seen the same things that Pike had, and had decided to apply for a transfer after the Aldrin returned to port. Pike came to her to discuss his concerns in the aftermath of an attack on a Vestian starship, and the two discovered that the power settings on the ship's weapons had been increased. Renkova told Pike that if he needed to take action against Kamnach that she would support him.

When Kamnach ordered a second unprovoked attack against a Vestian cruiser, Renkova was on the bridge and watched as Pike relieved Kamnach of his command. What no one else on the bridge counted on was weapons officer Hanley firing on the Vestian ship without authorization. The Vestians returned fire, severely damaging the Aldrin. Pike sent a message of apology to the Vestians, announcing that the Aldrin was ceasing hostilities. Renkova remained on the bridge as Pike went to survey the damage to the rest of the ship. Captain Kamnach soon escaped from custody, and was planning to retake the ship. At the same time, helmsman Robert Wesley began having second thoughts about supporting Pike. Renkova was forced to knock Wesley out and secure the bridge herself.

Following the return of the Aldrin to Earth, Renkova testified at Pike's court martial. After the trial was over, Renkova informed Pike that Wesley had asked her to dinner, and Pike hoped that she would accept. (TOS novel: Burning Dreams)

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