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A replica was the reproduction of an original object or subject. (STO - Reckoning mission: "First Contact Day Re-Enactment")


In 2371, Benjamin Sisko built a facsimile of a Bajoran Shabren-class lightship, named it Baraka, and recreated ancient Bajoran journeys to the Cardassia system. (DS9 episode: "Explorers")

In 2409, the Starfleet Corps of Engineers constructed a brand-new starship with the appearance of a 2151 NX-class cruiser. The USS Utopia became the prototype of the revived NX class, and the SCE engineers even went so far to include a grappler console. (STO - Klingon War mission: "Welcome to Earth Spacedock")

Kahless, Emperor of the Klingon Empire, offered warriors of the KDF the Shard Sword of Kahless, a replica of the Sword of Kahless wielded by himself and Kahless the Unforgettable. (STO - Fek'Ihri Front mission: "The Gates of Gre'thor")

The Lobi Crystal Consortium sold replicas of the Ferengi energy whip at Drozana Station. (STO mission: "Spin the Wheel")

Their Phoenix Price Pack product also contained the Phoenix replica smallcraft. (STO mission: "Phoenix Price Pack")

An award for participating in the re-enactment of First Contact Day on Earth included a replica Thompson submachine gun. It was based on the Dixon Hill series of holonovels. (STO - Reckoning mission: "First Contact Day Re-Enactment")

Alternate timelines[]

In one permutation of the mirror universe, Zefram Cochrane's original shotgun from 2063 was destroyed aboard the ISS Enterprise in 2155. From 2409, replicas of the Zefram Cochrane shotgun could be recovered from the Terran Empire by lucky Alpha Quadrant Alliance commanding officers. (STO mission: "Mirror Invasion")

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