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A report is a written or verbal account of a situation which has occurred, typically placed in a computer file or record for later reference. Special types of reports are referred to as logs.

Aboard Federation starships during the 23rd century, ship mission and assignment records were maintained by a records officer. (TOS episode: "Court Martial")

Types of reports[]

Combat-related reports
Duty/department status and evaluations
  • away team report
  • conn report
  • crew performance report
  • crew personnel report
  • efficiency analysis
  • ops report
  • planetary survey report
General information
Medical and death related evaluations
  • autopsy report
  • injury report
  • medical report
  • termination report
Security and intelligence reports
Space travel information
  • navigational report
Starship deployment and updates
  • arrival roster
  • Starship Deploy Status
  • Starship Mission Status
System conditions and analysis
  • engineering report
  • material subsistence report

Types of files[]

Types of records[]

  • crew manifest
  • navigation record
  • police record

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