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When Deep Space 9's power generators begin to fail, Sisko invites the former Cardassian engineer of the station to assist O'Brien; Kira discovers the diary of a young Bajoran girl who lived during the Occupation.


During the Occupation, Cardassian soldiers interrogate a Bajoran woman. They have already killed her husband to force the woman, who they call Trika but who says that she is Malor Bet, to reveal what she knows.

Two years later, DS9's main reactor explodes and Chief O'Brien begins to repair what he can. The station now has only one working reactor, so Commander Sisko suggests that it may be possible, but difficult, to bring the other reactors online. The SCE were unable to repair the reactors, so Sisko suggests getting O'Brien help from elsewhere and asks Dulath, engineer when the Cardassians ran the station, to come to DS9. Dulath soon arrives, and he and O'Brien quickly clash, but begin repairs.

During repairs, O'Brien finds a crawlspace with a working generator but no one in the area, just a diary. Kira discovers that the diary was written by the young daughter of Malor Bet, a resistance leader known as Trika. Malor's daughter mentions in the diary that she is hiding in the station core from the Cardassians after her mother disappears. Quark is also mentioned in the diary, and he gave food to the girl.

Kira confronts Quark, who doesn't remember the girl, but Dulath does. The girl's name was Malor Ti. Dulath doesnt know what happened to her after her mother was executed, but provides Kira with a confidential Cardassian dossier on Malor's mother, who led the Bajoran Resistance on the station. Kira creates a hologram of Malor Ti based on her diary.

Log entries[]

  • Station log: supplemental. 
    Despite the resistance of my senior staff, I have requested the help of the Cardassian engineer, Dulath. I only hope I am not making a grave error in judgement by bringing him here.



Jadzia DaxDulathKira NerysMalor Bet/TrilkaMalor TiMornMiles O'BrienOdoQuarkBenjamin SiskoJake Sisko
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Col ZedAthra DukatSkrain DukatKel PleanBenjamin MaxwellKeiko O'BrienSira


Deep Space 9Lower coreOperations centerQuark'sReplimat
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USS EnterpriseUSS Phoenix

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Bajoran MilitiaBajoran ResistanceStarfleetUnited Federation of Planets
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Starfleet Corps of Engineers

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2368antimatterantimatter podBalwanBajoran languagebaseballCardassian religionchronometerdetroniumfusion reactorgodholosuiteJeffries tubekaimilliradOccupation of Bajorphase inverterpressure suitradiationreplicatorsiliconsodiumstellar cartographytricorderuniversal translator


Background information[]


Background information[]

  • Requiem and Requiem II were reprinted together by Boxtree in 1995 and by Eaglemoss/IDW in 2018.
  • Dulath mentions O'Brien's service under Captain Maxwell, as established in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "The Wounded", although Dulath incorrectly states that O'Brien served on the Phoenix with Maxwell, not the USS Rutledge.
  • The stardate 45123.8 places the 2368 portions between the Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes "Silicon Avatar" and "Disaster".

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