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When Deep Space 9's power generators begin to fail, Sisko invites the former Cardassian engineer of the station to assist O'Brien; Kira discovers the diary of a young Bajoran girl who lived during the Occupation.


Log entriesEdit

  • Station log: supplemental. 
    Despite the resistance of my senior staff, I have requested the help of the Cardassian engineer, Dulath. I only hope I am not making a grave error in judgement by bringing him here.



Jadzia DaxDulathKira NerysMalor Bet/TrilkaMalor TiMornMiles O'BrienOdoQuarkBenjamin SiskoJake Sisko
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Col ZedAthra DukatSkrain DukatKel PleanBenjamin MaxwellKeiko O'BrienSira


Deep Space 9Lower coreOperations centerQuark'sReplimat
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USS EnterpriseUSS Phoenix

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Bajoran MilitiaBajoran ResistanceStarfleetUnited Federation of Planets
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Starfleet Corps of Engineers

Other referencesEdit

2368antimatterantimatter podBalwanBajoran languagebaseballchronometerdetroniumfusion reactorgodholosuiteJeffries tubekaimilliradOccupation of Bajorphase inverterpressure suitradiationreplicatorsiliconsodiumstellar cartographytricorderuniversal translator



Background informationEdit

  • Requiem and Requiem II were reprinted together by Boxtree in 1995 and by Eaglemoss/IDW in 2018.
  • Dulath mentions O'Brien's service under Captain Maxwell, as established in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "The Wounded", although Dulath incorrectly states that O'Brien served on the Phoenix with Maxwell, not the USS Rutledge.
  • The stardate 45123.8 places the 2368 portions between the Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes "Silicon Avatar" and "Disaster".

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