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A Ferengi is measured by his acquisition of profit. "Reservoir Ferengi," by David A. McIntee, depicts the greed that drives that need.


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BenaBijonBludBruntGailaLeetaLokLotralMornPelQuarkRomunnamed Voloczin
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HagathIshkaLeckLifaxNassucNogWorf, son of MoghZek

Starships and vehiclesEdit

Golden Handshake
Referenced only 
B'rel-classD'Kora-classUSS DefiantSovereign-class


Alpha QuadrantConditioning Camp SevenDeep Space 9FerenginarKalanis MajorQuark'sRisaUrwyzden AlphaUrwyzden BetaUrwyzden GammaUrwyzden system
Referenced only 
BajorEarthEmpok NorFonnam IIGaila's moonSolamin Prime

Races and culturesEdit

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States and organizationsEdit

Board of PremiersFerengi AllianceFCNGailtek Armaments and TechnologiesKalanis Defense ArmKalani Republican People's Democratic FrontShadow TreasurersUnited Federation of PlanetsUrwyzden Confederacy
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Bank of BoliusDominionEconomic Congress of Advisors of the Ferengi AllianceFerengi Commerce AuthorityHouse of DurasOrion SyndicatePurification squad

Other referencesEdit

antimatterautodestructdabocloaking deviceDaimondisruptordisruptor rifleDominion Warenvironmental suitFederation StandardFerengi Rules of AcquisitionGrand Nagus of the Ferengi AllianceGreat Material ContinuumhologramholoshipholosuiteHupyrian beetle snuffKlingon Civil WarlatinumliquidatorMinister of ProcurementMinister of the Interior of the Urwyzden Confederacyorbital defense droneorbital defense platformpaddphaserphoton grenadePrime Minister of Urwyzden AlphaPrime Minister of Urwyzden BetaPrime Minister of Urwyzden GammaprylarRegent of PalamarreplicatorRomulan alesnail juicespaceporttechnobabbleThottongotube grubType 47 disruptoruraniumVulcan nerve pinch



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