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Star Trek: Resurgence is a single-player Star Trek video game released in 2023.


Star Trek: Resurgence is an interactive narrative video game that tells an original story set in the era shortly after the events of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Stationed aboard the USS Resolute, players will assume the role of two principal characters, First Officer Jara Rydek and Engineering Crewperson Carter Diaz, as they unravel a sinister mystery involving two alien civilizations on the brink of war. Throughout the game, players will immerse themselves in the Star Trek universe, interacting with new and returning characters through a variety of dialogue and action gameplay to determine the course of the story.


Act 1[]

Captain's log, stardate 57931.4.

The crew is restless.

After spending too many months piecing our ship back together, we're finally about to venture out on a new mission and the crew isn't letting this unprecedented ion storm slow them down. They're ready for something different. I know I am. Perhaps more than any of them.

Fortunately, nothing ever stays the same. It's entropy. The nature of the universe. Change is inevitable, and while entropy says order gives way to chaos, in this case change is good...

Our new first officer is en route to the Resolute... Jara Rydek. I know she'll bring a welcome dose of new blood to the crew.

It won't be easy for Jara to step in at the eleventh hour like this. But if she's half the officer I knew she could become when she was a cadet at Starfleet Academy, she'll be the XO this ship needs right now.

--Captain Zachary Solano, Commanding Officer, USS Resolute

Solano's log plays as the intro credits roll. Shuttlecraft Bronson is traveling through an ion storm. As the log mentions Jara Rydek, the player assumes the perspective of Rydek, who can see a reflection of herself as she looks out the shuttle's observation port. An ionic discharge rocks the shuttle, breaking Rydek from her apparent reverie.

The perspective switches to above, where we can see Rydek sitting between two unnamed ensigns on the starboard side of the cabin. Ensign Paul Calloway and Petty Officer Miranda Maris can be seen sitting on the port side. A PADD flies from Calloway's hand. Rydek either catches it or lets it fall to the ground and then picks it up, offering it back to Calloway. Rydek and Calloway have a brief conversation regarding Calloway's anxieties about the shuttle ride and his new posting on the USS Resolute, when Rydek confides that she too is here for a new posting on Resolute.

Jara looks back out the observation port, where we can see the shuttle has arrived at Starbase 128. The USS Intercept can be seen moored at Terminal 3, USS Centennial appears at Terminal 2. The USS Kimball and USS Cormorant maneuver around the station. As Solano's log finishes, the perspective transitions to the exterior of the shuttle for a flyby. The USS Resolute can be seen here at Terminal 4 as the title card is displayed. Bronson continues in to dock with the starbase.

Change of Station[]

Change of Station

Title Card

Starbase 128 emblem

Starbase 128 Concourse Welcome Message

Upon arriving at Starbase 128 the occupants of the shuttle Bronson filter through security. Commander Rydek and Ensign Calloway discuss the Torvallin test, a Starfleet Academy tactical simulation that Calloway boasts is even more difficult and prestigious than the infamous Kobayashi Maru scenario. The young ensign blusters about his top 20 all-time score. When Rydek goes through the bioscanner it shows her half-Human half-Kobliad lineage. Calloway is astonished that he didn't recognize Rydek sooner, as she had scored in the top 3 all-time on the Torvallin test.


Lower Concourse, Terminal 4, Starbase 128. USS Resolute

The security officer informs Rydek she needs to meet Commander Yann Urmott, and she heads down the concourse to the lounge. After briefly exploring the lounge, Rydek and Urmott proceed down to the lower concourse while discussing Rydek's history. He explains that her duty on a small science vessel might be quite different from her previous assignment on the USS Endeavour. From the lower concourse, the pair can get a full view of the USS Resolute. Urmott marvels that the ship had come along way since almost being destroyed six months before, though he hesitates to say more about it. He also cautions that she may not receive a warm welcome from all of the crew. The chapter ends with Urmott mentioning the high-priority mission to the Hotari system and saying Captain Solano would want to meet her as soon as possible.

"The Lower Decks"[]

The Lower Decks

Title card

"All Hands"[]

"Storm Surge"

"The Price of Duty"

"All I Ask is a Tall Ship..."

Act 2[]

"Cast Adrift"

"A Provocation to War"

"Navigational Complexities"

"Seat of Power"

"The Scientific Method"


"Containment Protocol"

"Symbols and Legends"

"Lost and Found"

"What Lies Beneath"

Act 3[]

"Face to Face"

"The Seed of Violence"


"Errand of Mercy"

"Dead Reckoning"



"Comrades in Arms"

"General Quarters"

"The Breach"

"Number One"

"Not for the Timid"

"The Last Guardian"

"The Overload Incident"

"A Stranger Among Us"

"The Blood of Battle"

"Mutiny on the Resolute"

"Collision Course"

"The Arsenal of Eternity"



"Line of Fire"

"Power Play"

"The Belly of the Beast"

"No Win Scenario"

"The Hammer or the Anvil"

"A United Front"

"The Most Precious Time"




Tylas AltarasSarlit ArmintaAraxi BedrosianBellPaul CallowayChovakCarter DiazEraam DuvallNili EdsilarGalvanHandarItascaRyan KapoorLaRueManca ul MetMiranda MarisPortal 63William T. RikerJara RydekSidronZachary SolanoSpockYann UrmottBen WestbrookZhan ut Losa
Referenced only
Geordi La ForgeJ.P. HansonElizabeth Shelby

Starships and vehicles[]

Aphelion dreadnoughtShuttlecraft BaffinUSS Centennial (Excelsior-class heavy cruiser) • USS Continental (Nova-class scout) • USS Cormorant (Nova-class scout) • USS Dispatch (Excelsior-class heavy cruiser) • Shuttlecraft GraysonUSS Intercept (Miranda-class light cruiser) • USS Kimball (Steamrunner-class heavy frigate) • USS Lowell (Steamrunner-class heavy frigate) • USS Mancomet (Cheyenne-class light cruiser) • Shuttlecraft MelvilleUSS Pawtucket (Miranda-class light cruiser) • USS Resolute (Centaur-class medium cruiser) • USS Takahashi (Cheyenne-class light cruiser) • USS Titan (Luna-class science vessel) • USS Tudor (Akira-class heavy cruiser) • ASF VeskarASF Xeldi
Referenced only
USS AdirondackUSS EndeavourUSS EnterpriseUSS ExcelsiorUSS PotemkinUSS TuckermanD'Kora-class


Starbase 128Hotari Prime (Hotari system) • TauAndoriaDelphi Ardu IV (Delphi Ardu system) • Palisades ClusterUsonia system
Referenced only
Nekrit ExpansePentarus V (Pentarus star system)

Races and cultures[]


States and organizations[]

StarfleetTkon EmpireAlydian EmpireScions of the Flame
Referenced only
Cardassian UnionFerengi AllianceTrill Symbiosis Commission

Other references[]

dilithiumion stormstructural integrity fielddeuridiumTorvallin testKobayashi Maru scenarioprogrammable matterTetrametric radiationbioformingwarp disruption weaponStarfleet General Order 7Starfleet Directive 244Cartabula


Notable voice cast[]



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