Reta Kalanis was a 24th century Cardassian woman, an inhabitant of Cardassia Prime.


Before becoming director of the Cardassian Intelligence Bureau, Kalanis was head of the Capital City Constabulary from a point after the Dominion War until September of the year 2385. She had served in the Constabulary since before Meya Rejal's ill-fated reforms, and had refused to allow the constabulary to be used to suppress unrest against Rejal. She was horrified by the use of troops under Skrain Dukat to suppress protestors. Kalanis stayed with the constabulary under the successive regimes, but under the Dominon she and other Cardassian senior staff were replaced by Vorta adminstrators. Kalanis worked with her former junior, Arati Mhevet, to use the Constabulary to defend as many people as possible during the Jem'Hadar genocide of the city's population, fighting them street-by-street.

Kalanis was seen as pro-Federation and liberal in her politics. However she brooked no political discussion in the workplace, being a fierce proponent for Directive 964. She favoured Federation products, such as coffee and ikri buns. She was methodical and careful in how she conducted herself.

Kalanis was removed from the Constabulary in late-August 2385 by conservative elements of the Cardassian government. This was because she was seen as ineffective in the face of civil disobedience, most of the apparent assassination of Ambassador Elim Garak. When it was revealed that Garak survived his bombing, it was instead Director Crell of the CIB who fell out of political favor. She was brought in to reform the CIB, being seen as one of the most able figures from outside the agency.

Kalanis had a close relationship with Arati Mhevet. She treated Mhevet as her protege, having being the first commander of Mhevet. After the Dominion War Kalanis had recruited her back into the Constabulary, aiming to reform it together. When Kalanis's own political fortunes were downturn in 2385, she attempted to distance Mhevet away from her, pushing the latter away from a politically explosive investigation into Velok Dekreny's North Torr gang. It was likely Mhevet would succeed Kalanis as head of the City Constabulary. (ST - The Fall novel: The Crimson Shadow)

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