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Revenant is an upcoming Star Trek: Deep Space Nine novel scheduled for release in December 2021. The novel is to focus on Jadzia Dax and Kira Nerys.


An all-new novel based on the landmark TV series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine from the acclaimed author of A Big Ship at the Edge of the Universe!
Jadzia Dax has been a friend to Etom Prit, the Trill Trade Commissioner, over two lifetimes. When Etom visits Deep Space Nine with the request to rein in his wayward granddaughter Nemi, Dax can hardly say no. It seems like an easy assignment: visit a resort casino while on shore leave, and then bring her old friend Nemi home. But upon arrival, Dax finds Nemi has changed over the years in terrifying ways… and the pursuit of the truth will plunge Dax headlong into a century's worth of secrets and lies!



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