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Revo[1] (also known as Volskiar[2] or Meldet[3]) was a wealthy and extremely influential Romulan soldier with the rank of general in the Romulan Star Empire's military forces in the 24th century.


In the mid-24th century, Volskiar lived alone in an armed compound on Romulus and led his military campaigns personally from his flagship, the IRW Victorious. Since Volskiar had been used to ground assignments, Commander Tal was assigned to be Volskiar's second in command.

In 2344, Volskiar was tasked by Praetor Dralath (who had become insane due to age and suspected treachery around every turn) to destroy the Klingon colony of Narendra III. When Commander Charvanek learned of this, she was horrified that Dralath would order such an attack against a defenseless civilian colony; an attack like that would be completely without honor. She took her own ship, the IRW Honor Blade, and attacked Volskiar's fleet, destroying 2 ships before being disabled herself and left for dead.

Volskiar then took his remaining ships and launched the assault; which was performed perfectly (as Narendra III possessed only a handful of shuttles and freighters for a "defense fleet" and its anti-orbital defenses were obsolete). The remaining Klingons were saved however, as the USS Enterprise-C, under the command of Captain Rachel Garrett, engaged the fleet. But the Enterprise-C was overpowered and disabled and fell through a Kerr loop to the year 2366. The Enterprise-C then returned and, combined with the firepower of their ship and the partially-repaired and recently arrived Honor Blade, succeeded in destroying another warbird. But the Enterprise and Honor Blade were themselves disabled, and their surviving crews were captured.


Observing the prisoners.

While observing the prisoners, the general discovered the Enterprise-C's tactical officer, Lieutenant Tasha Yar (from the future), and ordered her brought to his chambers aboard the Victorious. It was here Tasha and Volskiar made a deal that the surviving crewmembers would be spared in exchange for Tasha staying as his consort. Tasha reluctantly agreed before being forced to make love.

Volskiar returned triumphantly to Romulus and, though Dralath chastised him for losing several warbirds, Volskiar enjoyed more political support than ever before. He also survived the coup d'etat against Dralath by former-Admiral Narviat and remained in favor of the government for many years.

One of the proudest moments of his life was when his daughter, by Tasha, was born one year after their forced relationship began. They named the girl Sela.

His relationship with Tasha ended when she was caught trying to escape from Volskiar's compound with Sela four years later. When she was discovered, Tasha was executed. (ST novel: Vulcan's Heart, TNG episodes: "Yesterday's Enterprise", "Redemption")

By the late 2380s decade, General Revo was in command of the warbird Taredrix. (DFT - Hell Is Only a Word comic: "Part 2")


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