Revok was a 24th century Cardassian man, a gul in military service to the Cardassian Guard in the 2370s.

In late 2375, Revok told Corat Damar he was willing for himself and his troops to join the Cardassian Liberation Front. Damar later travelled to Cardassia for negotiations with Revok and five other Cardassian military leaders. However, it was revealed Revok was working with the Dominion and informed them of the meeting. Damar's ship was destroyed and several Cardassians waiting for him on the surface were killed. Revok arrived at the scene soon after to view the aftermath. Weyoun later praised Revok in a speech to the Cardassian people. (DS9 episode: "The Dogs of War")

While in Lakarian City, Sakal Damar heard Cardassian citizens calling for Revok's death and heard some comment that, as a collaborator, Revok would have to flee when Damar drove the Dominion off Cardassia. (DS9 - Strange New Worlds III short story: "An Errant Breeze")

Malyn Ocett was the only other resistance cell leader to survive the Dominion's assault after Revok's betrayal. (DS9 novel: A Stitch in Time)

Damar came to greatly regret trusting Revok, wishing he had listened to Kira Nerys' warnings. After telling Kira he did not trust her friend Estal Vilar, Kira pointed out he had been wrong about Revok. Kira expected this to anger Damar, although he admitted he had been wrong about him. (DS9 - Prophecy and Change short story: "Face Value")

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