Rhiannon was a featured character in the Celtic mythology of Earth and was depicted in a literary epic known as the Mabinogi. She was a fearless, clever woman who possessed a beautiful, pale, swift horse. She was also an Other-worlder.

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In the 24th century, Deanna Troi read the Mabinogi when she was growing up and was familiar with the Welsh character. Troi considered Rhiannon to be a “beautiful grown woman, almost a goddess, who had a special affinity for horses.”

In the 2360s, a young Rampartian Dissenter named herself Rhiannon after the character. She herself had a close bond with a dragon-like haguya which she’d named Saushulima.

In 2366, Troi had a waking dream in which the mythical Rhiannon had come to life and joined and a band of Other-worlders in an assault on CephCom, the headquarters of Cephalic Security in the city of Verity on the planet Rampart. In Troi’s dream, the 12-year-old Rampartian and the mythical character had merged together into an adult whom Troi saw riding valiantly on her horse among the security officers and one-eye thought-police robots. (TNG novel: Gulliver's Fugitives)

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