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Rhuna was a humanoid female, an inhabitant of the underground city of Caeminon on a planet in the universe of superspace. She was the lover of Kyr Nostrand.


In 2267, after the war machine which had driven her ancestors underground had been destroyed, Rhuna accompanied Kyr on an expeditionary force to the planet's surface to see if it could be made livable again. However, they were attacked by a group of vegetable metalloids and all but Rhuna were killed. Just before his death, Kyr gave his bracelet to her, and she fled.She was rescued by a landing party from the USS Enterprise led by Captain James T. Kirk, who destroyed the creature pursuing her. She told them her people's history and took them to Caeminon in the hopes of finding a way to get them back to their own universe. After the creatures broke into the city and began attacking, Rhuna took Kirk to the city's arsenal to acquire the weapons there, but the captain, noticing that part of her bracelet glowed whenever the creatures were near, realized it was the machine's mind module and shot it with his phaser, disrupting it and ending the battle. After returning to his own universe, Kirk thought that Rhuna was "quite an amazing woman." (TOS comic: "Siege in Superspace")

Rhuna also appeared in the comic story "Return", first published in Star Spangled War Stories #180 (May-June 1974).