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Richard Adams was a Federation citizen, a male Human serving as a Starfleet officer in the 24th century. (PRM novel: Fire with Fire)


Richard "Dick" Adams is born in 2325. Enrolling in Starfleet Academy in 2344, he graduates as ensign four years later. His first assignment is the USS Wyoming as a security officer under Captain Leonard James Akaar, participating in the Tzenkethi War. Soon after the promotion to lieutenant, Adams is made deputy security chief.

In 2355, Lieutenant Adams transfers to the USS Alamo. Following training for the command track, Adams is promoted to lieutenant commander in 2359, and named security chief of the Alamo. He holds the same post after transferring to the USS Sutherland in 2361, and becomes second officer, too. Adams becomes a commander in 2366. Another transfers leads to the newly-commissioned USS Akira, prototype of a new class of heavy cruisers. Adams is the Akira's first officer.

An opportunity in 2371 allows Adams to gain command of his first ship, the USS Geronimo. The ship is tragically lost in the First Battle of Chin'toka in 2374, where the majority of its crew is lost. During the convalescence, Adams begins teaching at Starfleet Academy, meeting fellow teacher and Dominion War veteran Rhea Kadani. They marry in 2376. In 2377, she assumes command of the USS Red Cloud (NCC-63306). Adams' old friend Fleet Admiral Akaar provides Richard with the USS Prometheus (NX-74913).[1]

In late 2385, Starfleet tasked the Prometheus with investigating the loss of contact with Starbase 91. The investigation found that the Watchtower-class space station was the victim of a terror attack, apparently committed by the xenophobic Renao of the nearby Lembatta Cluster. Adams's niece Karen, who served a tour aboard SB91, was among the dead. Captain Adams was determined not to led her death blight him with prejudice against the Renao.

As part of the investigation, the Prometheus was paired with the IKS Bortas, detached from the Klingon Defense Force. Adams found working with Captain Krom a challenge. (PRM novel: Fire with Fire)


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