Rifas-L was a planet-sized spacecraft with a large number of inhabitants found in the Triquilus Region in the 23rd century, effectively a type of generational ship.

Background Edit

The vessel registered on sensors with “incredible” mass and energy. It traveled relatively slowly in a straight line through the region, acting similar to a rogue planet. Its large, thick rings acted like a star for the planet, providing solar gravitation and warmth, providing a perpetually lit sky and temperate climate. The method of propulsion was undetermined. Its mass and size were sufficient to create the experience of standard gravity on the surface, suggesting that the vessel's diameter was somewhat close to that of Venus or Earth.

The surface environment was class M. The ground was coated with a layer of rich soil which grew a fantastic variety of plant life. Nearly all of the plant life was edible, including the flowers. Fauna included animals resembling cougars and birds resembling ravens. Humanoid inhabitants of one city, Shondo Ho, maintained a culture similar to that of ancient Japan on Earth. They practiced nomadic farming rather than sophisticated agriculture, perhaps all that was required thanks to verdant growth, and lived in harmonious balance with nature.

The city population biologically was made up of six models of clones, a male and female for each of three tiers of society. These were grown in a large facility deep underneath the hidden Palace of Life by Overlord Yamoto, the creator of the spacecraft. One clan planned a migration to the north, suggesting that additional towns or cities might exist on the surface. It was unknown whether those cities were populated with similar or different types of clones. The populace was unaware that it and its world were artificial.

History Edit

The spacecraft was discovered in the year 2266 by the USS Enterprise during its initial exploration of the Triquilus Region. During the survey, it was discovered that citizens who acted outside the programmed parameters of their strata of society were destroyed. One citizen, Oshino, led the landing party to Yamoto's palace and discovered the clone equipment for herself. Robot defenders were destroyed with phaser fire, but Oshino urged the landing party to leave. She confronted Yamoto, distraught with the knowledge that her life was “nothing more than someone’s laboratory experiment,” shot him and triggered the ship to self-destruct. (TOS comic: "The Perfect Dream")



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