The Rift Maker was a Species 8472 mothership bioship in the 24th century, a massive bioship of the Species 8472 arsenal. This large starship was capable of opening dimensional rifts that allowed passage between fluidic space and our universe. It, however, would eventually be destroyed in a raid by a combined Federation and Borg fleet. (ST video game: Armada II)

Species 8472 motherships
Rift MakerU0L08U0P85U1A83U1F51U1M56U1M90U1V84U1Y14U2F83U2G66U2Z96U3Q34U3S93U3X51U5F59U6B84U6M05U6M37U6O96U7E25U7H42U7Y57U8H19U8N36U8R83U8T60U9D29U9G93U9N56 Species 8472 emblem.
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