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Locator logo showing the galaxy's Beta Quadrant.

The Rigel systems are two star systems in the galaxy's Beta Quadrant that are both commonly referred to as "Rigel".

It is unclear if there is a greater overall connection between the systems to explain why they so frequently are referred two by the same name, or if it is simply coincidence and possibly confusion on the part of the various characters referring to them. In actuality, the dual naming was devised by writers and technical advisors to explain certain mentions of visits to Rigel in the early era of Star Trek space exploration, as the slow warp speeds of the time shouldn't have been able to frequently access the more distant "true" Rigel.

Rigel (Beta Orionis)

Main article: Beta Orionis.

Star map of distant space showing Beta Orionis.

The Rigel system (also known as Beta Orionis or Kolar) is a major system that is quite distant from the core of the Federation, and probably the most notable to Earth astronomy due to observations throughout the history of Human science. This system is visible from Sol in the constellation of Orion. (ST reference: Star Charts)

Beta Rigel

Main article: Beta Rigel.

System star map of Beta Rigel.

The Beta Rigel (also known as Raij'hl) system is located much closer the central Federation, in the Kandari sector. (ST reference: Star Charts; TNG novel: Conspiracy)

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