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Rimbor was a planet located somewhere in the space of the galaxy's Alpha or Beta Quadrants.

In the late 23rd century, Rimbor was engulfed in turmoil. When the Worthy found that the planet was in danger of destruction, and that the Prime Directive prevented the Federation from intervening, they decided to take their ship to Rimbor and attempt to use their esteem as mediators to help resolve the situation. (TOS - The Return of the Worthy comic: "Tomorrow Never Knows!")

By the 24th century, Rimbor was a Federation world. Charles and Morgan Lefler were briefly assigned to Rimbor by Starfleet in 2354 to conduct plasma studies, and were accompanied by their daughter, Robin. (NF - No Limits short story: "Lefler's Logs")

This world seems to be named for the planet Rimbor that exists in DC Comics featuring the Legion of Super-Heroes. Robert Greenberger, who worked on both "Tomorrow Never Knows!" and "Lefler's Logs", was also a regular editor or contributor to series in the DC universe that mentioned Rimbor. It isn't clear if this is supposed to represent a Star Trek universe alternate reality version of that world, as it was mentioned only before a crossover in Star Trek—Legion of Super-Heroes where the two realities were briefly warped into combined versions.

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