Ripe for Plunder, Chapter Two is the second part of the Ripe For Plunder comic. It was released as part of IDW Publishing's The Next Generation's comic, Through the Mirror, Issue 4.

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In true Vulcan manner, Spock is unperturbed by Data, inviting him to sit down once the android confirms he has not come specifically to kill the ailing Emperor.

Data recaps his journey to Spock, and his curiosity over whether or not Spock is connected to the new resources. Unfortunately for Picard, Spock knows nothing of the new resources. What Data sees is little more than a glorified retirement. Though history portrays Spock's reforms as weak failures, they were in fact hugely successful. Unfortunately, the new Terran Republic was no match for the savage ferocity of the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance. When the reformed Empire needed a scapegoat, Spock was the perfect choice. And though that fills in several historical gaps, Data is curious: How did a mere first officer become emperor?

Years ago, when Spock was but the XO of the ISS Enterprise, he encountered a version of James T. Kirk from a parallel reality. That Kirk convinced him to champion for a more peaceful style of government, even gifting him a powerful weapon to help make his claim. Unfortunately, the timing for such reforms proved unfortunate and Spock spirited himself away before more blood was spilled.

Though Spock has no desire for conquest, Data is intrigued by the alternate universe. Surely it must still exist and surely Spock still knows how to access it, logic dictates the data is too valuable to be destroyed. Spock attempts to deter from accessing the other universe, stalling until a fresh batch of Tellarites can arrive...

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