The Risian corvette was an escortstarship developed by the Risian Hedony. In 2409, the luxury cruiser was available for purchase for officers regardless of affiliation. The corvette could fly under the officer's native flag or with an R.X.S. registry name prefix. The ship was up for purchase for a price of 1.000 Lohlunat pearls. (STO mission: "Flying High")

Technical dataEdit

The Risian corvette was armed with a pair of dual phaser cannons, three photon torpedo launchers and a single phaser beam array. Additional equipment included the subspace wake generator, a special weapon. In 2409, the Risian corvette was the fastest ship (sublight speeds) known in the Federation, Klingon Empire and the Romulan Republic.

The bridge offered seats for five officers besides the commanding officer. There were two tactical officers, one commander and one lieutenant, another lieutenant science officer, a lieutenant commander engineer, and a console open to an ensign of any department. Commanding officers were required to be ranked rear admiral, brigadier general, subadmiral or higher to command the corvette. (STO mission: "Flying High")

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Baseball team corvettes

Baseball team corvettes.



Starship classes of the Risian Hedony
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