The Risian luxury cruiser was a starship cruiser and a space yacht developed by the Risian Hedony. In 2410, the luxury cruiser was available for purchase for officers of signatories of the Jenolan Accords. The luxury cruiser was larger than the Risian corvette released in 2409. Regardless of affiliation, the ship could fly with an R.X.S. registry name prefix. (ST video game: Star Trek Online)

Technical dataEdit

The Risian luxury cruiser was armed with phasers. It had four weapon ports each mount to its bow and aft. In addition, a special console was equipped to enable the ship's soliton wave generator. This weapon would create a stable soliton wave, drawing enemy vessels toward the space yacht, irradiating them. The soliton waves would also knock the engines offline.

Another feature was the solar sail quantum slipstream drive. The design offered a range of colorful liveries to choose from. The spaceframe was reminiscent of seagoing vessels. The luxury cruiser's hull was 41,000 points strong. Only Jenolan Accords officers ranked rear admiral/brigadier general/subadmiral or higher were eligible to fly the ship. Its bridge held station for one commander and one ensign of engineering, one tactical lieutenant commander, one lieutenant science officer and one station open to a lieutenant of any department. (ST video game: Star Trek Online)



Starship classes of the Risian Hedony
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