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Dangerous Promises!


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Log entries

  • Captain's log, supplemental
    From bad to worse... Dr. McCoy has just informed us that Ambassador Stonn is suffering from an unknown illness tha may kill him within days.
    Stonn's daughter T'Ariis has been reported missing...
    ... And the fate of the treaty rejected by Nara'Gi leader Taxafah still hangs in a very uncomfortable limbo.
  • Captain's log, stardate 8676.9
    With Stonn's condition stabilized, McCoy has allowed him to return to the planet with me, to prepare for a last attempt at convincing the Nara'Gi to accept the treaty.
    Spock has given his word to Sepora that he will make every attempt to find T'Ariis and bring her back.
    I'm notsure which of us has the tougher task.
  • Captain's log, supplemental
    Stonn was right about the course of his illness-- unalterable... and fatal.
  • Captain's log, stardate 8678.3
    We leave the Nara'Gi ordinat-- without a treaty, much to the Federation's displeasure.
    On course for Vulcan, to return the body of Ambassador Stonn to his final resting place.



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