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Introduction (blurb)

Every person has a story, and those who are lucky enough to share the voyages of Capt. James T. Kirk aboard the Starship Enterprise have stories unlike anyone else's. Some live, some die, but even those who serve below deck sometimes make all the difference in the universe!

The news from Starfleet Command is grim: a full-scale war against the Klingon Empire is coming, a war that the Federation may not be able to win. In anticipation of a monumental conflict, the U.S.S. Enterprise is assigned to guard a vital starbase located perilously close to Klingon space.

But even as Kirk's mission brings him into a tense confrontation with an invading Klingon battle cruiser, an equally deadly menace lurks within the ranks of his own crew: Klingon infiltrator agents, posing as Starfleet officers and sworn to destroy the enemies of the Empire -- even at the cost of their own honor!


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AkioshiAlthausBassoBrantleyBriggsClancyClarkCraneMatthew DeckerSam FullerGashBarry GiottoGorathDoug GradAdam JawerRobert JustmanKarelKell/Jon AndersonJames T. KirkKolothJohn KyleMarsiliiLeonard McCoyLeslie ParrishPerezAlan PortMontgomery ScottHerbert SolowSpockHikaru SuluTorgNyota UhuraPatrick West
Referenced only
Luis BenitezGarth of IzarFlash GordonSarah HatcherKahless the UnforgettableKlakKranEthan MatthewsJabilo M'BengaEdward RayburnSobelTyreeWilliams

Starships and vehicles

USS ConstellationIKS D'k TahgUSS Enterprise (NCC-1701) (Constitution-class) • Trager


7348-IIStarbase 21Starbase 42Starfleet Command HeadquartersSystem 7348
Referenced only
Rigel VIISystem 1324

Races and cultures


States and organizations

BetleH' etlhFederationKlingon Defense ForceKlingon EmpireKlingon High CommandStarfleetStarfleet Academy

Science and technology

batterycommunicatorcomputerdilithiumdocking portdrydockfusion reactorgravitygravity wellhourintercomkiriliumlightminutephase cannonphaserphaser IIscience station viewersensorshieldssidearmstarstarbasestarshipthrustertimetransportertransporter padturboliftuniversal translatorwarp corewarp drivewarp reactorweapons systemweather

Ranks and titles

admiralcaptainchiefchief engineercommanderengineerensignguardlieutenantlieutenant commanderofficerprisonerscientistsecurity chiefsecurity guardsoldierwarriorxenoanthropologist

Other references

arboretumBattle of AxanarBattle of Donatu Vbriefing roomcorridorcrystaldaydeckd'k tahgengineeringhospitalmeatloafmek'lethmonthmurderPrime Directiverecreation roomreportRiver of BloodSaurian brandyscienceThe Starfleet Scout's HandbookStarfleet Survival Manualtargtransporter roomuniformwarweaponweek

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