Robert L. "Bob" Comsol was a 23rd century Human man, an officer in the Federation Starfleet.


By the mid-23rd century, Comsol was a flag officer, holding the rank of admiral in the 2250s decade. By the year 2253, Admiral Comsol was the commanding officer of Starfleet Command. He played golf with Commodore Antonio Delgado. (DTI novel: Forgotten History)

Following the visit of the Enterprise to Talos IV in the year 2254, Comsol signed Starfleet General Order 7, barring access to the planet. In 2267 he sent an order to relieve James T. Kirk of command of the Enterprise for receiving transmissions from that planet contrary to General Orders. (TOS episode: "The Menagerie")

Later that year, Comsol signed paperwork authorizing the mobilization of troops for the Federation-Klingon War that briefly occurred. (DTI novel: Forgotten History)

In 2268, at the behest of Commodore Delgado, Comsol authorized the historical research mission of the Enterprise to 1968. (DTI novel: Forgotten History)

He retired from Starfleet in 2269. (DTI novel: Forgotten History)

It is possible that the Comsol mentioned in In Tempest's Wake is meant to be Robert Comsol. If so, Comsol had come out of retirement and been promoted to Commander-in-Chief of the Federation Starfleet in 2270.
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