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Robert Likins was a Starfleet officer in the security division during the mid-23rd century. He married his wife in the year 2261.


While attending Starfleet Academy, he read the popular novel "Ghalev: A Novel of Andoria," saying that at the time everybody was reading it. At that point he was still dating the woman that would later become his wife, who suggested he read it after loving it herself. He would later say that the book, a work of fiction, didn't quite accurately describe how Andorians live their lives. He and his then-girlfriend took a trip to Andoria, where the book had led him to expect everyone there to be armed, and that he'd have to fight a duel to get a good room at the ski lodge. He also expected the weather to be warmer, and as beautiful as it was described in the novel. He would later say "Both expectations turned out to be a little silly."

He found the Andorians there to be just like he and his girlfriend, dressed in "normal" clothing, and not duel-obsessed aggressors. He enjoyed the trip, citing how much he loved the food and a play he saw there (that still made him cry when he thought about it.) He and his wife planned on returning there for their 9th anniversary in 2270.

In 2269, he held the rank of commander and served as chief of security aboard the Federation starship USS Constitution. (Last Unicorn RPG module: The Andorians: Among the Clans)


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