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For the mirror universe counterpart, see Robin Lefler (mirror).

Robin Lefler was a female human Starfleet officer born in the year 2345 to Starfleet warp plasma specialists, Morgan and Charles Lefler.


Early life

Robin spent much of her early years traveling between her parents' Starfleet postings. In the year 2353 while living on the Tantalus colony, Robin acquired an antique tricorder in which she started making diary-like "Logs" of her life.

In 2354, while living on the planet Rimbor, Robin's mother Morgan "disappeared" for the first time. This was the beginning of a trend in which Morgan would leave her family for extended periods of time. Robin's father told Robin that her mother had been kidnapped, and that she would escape from her captors.

Morgan and Charles' marriage suffered in the years that followed as Morgan's disappearances became longer and more frequent. In 2363, Morgan was apparently killed in a shuttle accident. Charles Lefler died soon after. (NF short story: "Lefler's Logs")


The Enterprise

In 2364, Robin entered Starfleet Academy. By the year 2368, Ensign Lefler was assigned to the USS Enterprise-D as a mission specialist in the engineering department.(TNG episodes: "Darmok", "The Game")

She cared for the children and civilians remaining on the separated saucer section of the Enterprise during the Sztazzan conflict in 2368.(TNG comics: "Bridges", "Bone of Contention", "Separation Anxiety", "Second Chances", "Strange Bedfellows")

She served on the Enterprise until at least late in the year 2370. (TNG novel: All Good Things...)

For a short time in 2370, she moved to the restoration of the old Enterprise-museum ship. She escorted Montgomery Scott around the ship, when the Klingon Koloth arrived to finish an old honor debt with the chief engineer. (TNG comic: "Old Debts")

The Excalibur

By the year 2373, Robin was assigned as operations officer on the USS Excalibur under Captain Mackenzie Calhoun. (NF novel: Into the Void)


In early 2374, the Excalibur discovered Robin's mother, now using the name "Morgan Primus", alive and well and imprisoned on the planet Ahmista.

Apparently, Morgan was immortal, born with the ability to heal any wound. She faked her death rather than deal with the questions that would arise, and fearing the prospect of watching her family grow old and die. Rather than lose Robin, again, Morgan decided to stay on the Excalibur serving as she could. (NF novel: Fire on High)

Si Cwan

Robin was immediately attracted to Thallonian "Ambassador" Si Cwan when he came on board the Excalibur, and she volunteered to act as an administrative assistant to Cwan in his dealings with the worlds of Sector 221-G.

Cwan was oblivious to Robin's feeling for him until the incident with the Beings in 2376. The two began a relationship that led to the two of them being married in (approximately) 2377. (NF novels: Gods Above, After the Fall)

The New Thallonian Protectorate

When the New Thallonian Protectorate was formed, in (approximately) 2377, under the leadership of Si Cwan and the Nelkarite, Fhermus, Robin relocated to New Thallon with her husband and was assigned as Starfleet Liaison to the New Thallonian Protectorate. Along with her new assignment came a promotion to Lieutenant Commander. (NF novel: After the Fall)

In 2379, when civil war threatened to break out in the Protectorate, Si Cwan sent Robin off-planet for her own protection. Robin strenuously objected to being sent away, but Cwan gave her no choice in the matter.

Off-planet, Robin began to hear reports of a coup led by Fhermus on New Thallon. Robin soon returned to New Thallon with Captain Katerina Mueller of the USS Trident, where Fhermus boasted of killing Si Cwan and to prove his boast, paraded Si Cwan's lifeless head to Robin.

Robin then startled Fhermus by attacking him in a fit of rage. Robin was unable to end Fhermus' life, but Captain Mueller had no such problems, stabbing Fhermus through the heart.

Despite her good intentions her attempt on Fhermus life and her decision to lead the Protectorate were irreconcilable with her duty as a Starfleet officier and so she decided to resign her commision.

Robin assumed leadership of the New Thallonian Protectorate and commanded a rescue fleet to the planet Priatia, where Si Cwan's sister, Princess Kalinda was being held against her will.

At last report, leadership of the New Thallonian Protectorate had fallen on Kalinda and Robin, as Si Cwan's only living family. (NF novel: Missing in Action)

Robin learned that she is pregnant with Si Cwan's son. (NF - Turnaround comic: "Part I")

Robin gave birth to a son that she named Cwansi but shortly after his birth, Cwansi was kidnapped by Doctor Selar, who, in her desire to find a cure for her son's rapid aging, had allowed herself to be manipulated by an alien presence, who were later revealed to be cloning half-breeds. He was later rescued by Soleta and a repentant Selar. (NF novel: Treason)

Robin remained on New Thallon until an attempt on her life forced her to flee the planet and move on Bravo Station under the protection of Admiral Elizabeth Shelby.

She later moved back on the Excalibur as a civilian flight controller but when the new Prime Minister of New Thallon threatened to destroy the ship she and her son were forced to return on New Thallon with Mark McHenry as their protector, where he stopped several attempts on their lives. (NF novel: The Returned, Part 1)

On New Thallon she started a romantic relationship with McHenry. (NF novel: The Returned, Part 2)

Cwansi's life was once again in danger after Shintar Han asked his god, the Awesome, to dispose of him. The Awesome turned out to be no other than Q, who had developed an interest for McHenry.

Lefler was forced to stand by Q's challenge to McHenry that would decide on her and her son's life.

Just before Q was able to kill McHenry, they all found themselves on Xyon's ship which, at the last minute, was able to teleport them to safety. Unfortunately they were quickly tracked down by Q who had decided that he didn't need to kill anyone but simply take Cwansi away.

Soon after, Q transported the Lyla's crew to the place where the battle between the Excalibur and the Dayan was taking place. Thinking that Q had handed Cwansi over to Shiltar Han they all headed to New Thallon only to find that the baby was not there. When the Dayans reached them they were saved at the last moment by Cwansi, now an adult and a member of the Q Continuum who easily killed all their enemies. After a brief moment in which Robin fainted, she awoke furious with Q for taking away her chance to raise her son. (NF novel: The Returned, Part 3)

Lefler's Laws

The known "Robin's Laws" (as she herself calls them) are:



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