In an alternate timeline, Doctor Roddall was a male Xindi-Arboreal physician employed at a hospital in London, West Eurasia, Earth, in the mid-31st century. (DTI eBook: The Collectors)


On Day 266, 3051, Doctor Roddall was one of the physicians at a hospital in London treating the victims of an attack committed by Certoss fighters from the 25th century. Among the incoming wound and revived was Department of Temporal Investigations agent Dulmur, himself from the late 24th century. Roddall reported the successful transreplication of the damage Dulmur had suffered, and asked the baseline Human several questions to inquire about his mental recovery. Due to Dulmur's physical state (baseline human), the doctor assumed Dulmur stemmed from one of the traditional colonies. Federation Temporal Agency operative Jena Noi asked Roddall to try a different line of questions to prevent Dulmur from acquiring too much knowledge of the future. Only then did the doctor recognize her uniform. Roddall continued the examination without asking questions requiring local or current knowledge. (DTI eBook: The Collectors)

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