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Rodriguez was a Human man in the Earth Starfleet during the mid-22nd century serving as an enlisted communications officer aboard Enterprise (NX-01).


In early-2153, Enterprise was damaged by a gravitic mine and pulled through an anomaly into a parallel universe. Most of the crew was captured by a race called the Denari and imprisoned at the satellite Rava One. After about two weeks, Captain Jonathan Archer and the crew had taken the facility with some escaping aboard a Denari Stinger in search of Enterprise. Archer placed Rodriguez and Yamani on the Stinger's weapons systems, commenting that it was similar to what they had trained on, but that about a dozen Stingers couldn't hold up to Enterprise. During their search, Archer had Ensign Katreen Riley implement the attack maneuver Rackham's back door, of which Yamani and Rodriguez had discussed a couple days prior. They were able to defend against a few Denari attackers but not without Rodriguez along with half a dozen crew members being injured. (ENT novel: Daedalus's Children)

In January, 2155, after the alleged death of Captain Archer on Procyron VII Rodriguez was manning communications until he was relieved by Carstairs. Rodriguez later operated the helm after Travis Mayweather's shift. (ENT novel: Rosetta)

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