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Roger Hackney

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Roger Hackney was a [[Human]] male serving in [[Starfleet]] in [[24th century]].
| type = fed
| family = no
| Character Name = Roger Hackney
| Icon1 = [[file:ufp-emblem.jpg|45px|UFP emblem image.]] [[file:starfleet 2360s insignia.jpg|40px|Badge image.]]
| Caption =
| Rank = [[captain]]
| Insignia = [[file:2350s-2360s command capt.png|Uniform collar insignia.]]
| Assign = [[CO]], {{pre|SS|Vico}}
| Species = [[Human]]
| Born = [[24th century]]
| Gender = male
| Affiliation = [[Federation]], [[Starfleet]]
| Occupation = [[officer]]
'''Roger Hackney''' was a [[24th century]] [[Human]] man, a career [[officer]] serving in [[Starfleet]].
In [[2351]] he was in command of the [[SS Vico]]. After [[Chakotay]] graduated from [[Starfleet Academy]], he served as [[Captain]] Hackney's aide. (''VGR'' novel: ''[[Pathways]]'')
By the [[2350s]] [[decade]], Hackney had achieved the [[rank]] of [[captain]] and was the [[commanding officer]] of the {{pre|SS|Vico}}. After [[Chakotay]] graduated from [[Starfleet Academy]] in the [[year]] [[2351]], he served as [[Captain]] Hackney's aide. ({{n|VOY|Pathways}})
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* {{n|VOY|Pathways}}
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