For the primary universe counterpart, see Rajari.

In the mirror universe, Rojan was a wealthy Romulan businessman who had a constantly changing array of business partners. He was often tasked by Praetor Hiren to undertake diplomatic missions. He lived in a private estate on Romulus and was attended to by slaves he had purchased.

One slave, a Vulcan named T'Pas, caught Rojan's eye and he considered her to be attractive. He then proceeded to have an affair with her and kept it secret from everyone he knew. T'Pas became pregnant with his baby a short time later, and died giving birth to their half-Vulcan, half-Romulan hybrid daughter, who Rojan named Soleta. He decided never to tell anyone about Soleta's true nature and claimed she was a pure-blooded Romulan, even though Soleta herself (when old enough to understand) knew the truth. Soleta also inherited her mothers telepathic abilities, enabling her to improve the quality of her fathers business deals by exposing his partners secret agendas and ulterior motives.

When Soleta forced Rojan to buy a slave, M'k'n'zy of Calhoun, from the mines of Remus in exchange for saving her life, Rojan was deeply concerned with his barely controlled hatred and wanted to have him sent back. Soleta however threatened him by saying she would go the Praetor and his partners and explain his "secret to success" in his transactions with others. Rojan relented.

Hiren, now insane due to age, believed Rojan to be a "hidden enemy" and asked Lord Si Cwan to "make sure" Rojan didn't make it back from his diplomatic mission to the Danteri. Though Soleta correctly assumed something was afoot and went with him and M'k'n'zy to look out for trouble, when Kwan got Rojan alone with him, Kwan took out a hidden phaser and disintegrated the Danteri representative and shot Rojan in the head, killing him. (NF - Mirror Universe novel: Cutting Ties)

Rojan is one of very few mirror universe characters with a name distinctly different from that of his primary counterpart, Rajari.
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