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Rok-Tahk was an individual of the Brikarian race.


In 2383, Rok-Tahk was being held captive at Tars Lamora, a prison campound located in the Delta Quadrant. With help from other prisoners, Rok-Tahk escaped aboard the USS Protostar.

Since prisoners at Tars Lamora were forbidden the use of the universal translator, Rok-Tahk was only able to communicate with grunts, growls and howls. When the Protostar translator matrix was activated, she was able to speak Federation Standard.

As is typical of the Brikarian species, Rok-Tahk was immensely strong, durable and (before the translator was activated) appeared to be vicious and aggressive; however, her true personality was much more childlike, curious and friendly. (PRD episode: "Lost and Found")

Aboard the Protostar, Rok-Tahk had her choice of meals from the ship's replicators, but still chose to eat Tars Lamoran "nutri-goop", because it was the only food she had ever known. (PRD episode: "Starstruck")


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