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In an alternate reality, Rokk Krinn was a Braalian of the 30th century who was commonly known as Cosmic Boy during his membership in the Legion of Super-Heroes.


In the Legion's reality, his homeworld of Braal was a member of the United Planets, an interplanetary organization centered on Earth. Krinn, possessed of natural magnetism capability of his race, was able to prove himself a hero by helping to save an influential businessman from assassination. In gratitude, Krinn, and fellow samaritans Imra Ardeen and Garth Ranzz took on heroic code-names and were sponsored into a hero club, the Legion. The Legion grew into a large organization of powerful youths with non-Human abilities.

While time traveling with Ardeen, Ranzz, and fellow Legionnaires Querl Dox, Reep Daggle and Tasmia Mallor, Rokk Krinn's time bubble was destroyed by a time distortion. The party of Legionnaires, who had been trying to return to the late 30th century, found themselves in the 23rd century of another reality where an Imperial Planets organization ruled Earth. (TOS - Legion of Super-Heroes comic: "Issue 1"

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