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A roleplaying game (commonly abbreviated RPG) is an organized set of rules for simulating actions as characters in a fictional setting, in this case the Star Trek universe, with most particpants taking on the roles of such characters and usually one person administrating the game as moderator/referee/game-master.

To date have been several licensed Star Trek RPGs:

Each typically has a core rules set and additional volumes or products providing additional material for wider areas of interest, prominent aliens, adventure scenarios and campaigns, etc.

Note: This list does not include secondary licensed games, such as the RPG set in the Star Fleet Battles universe. It also implicitly refers to human-moderated "paper and pencil" games.

RPGs in the Star Trek Universe

In 2151, Crewman Elizabeth Cutler of the Enterprise set up a roleplaying game set on a fictional version of Mars. The game was played in the mess hall by James Anderson, Travis Mayweather, and Hoshi Sato (replaced by Ethan Novakovich after contact with the Fazi was made), with Cutler as the Game Master. After a rocky start, the players soon found themselves enjoying the game. (ENT novel: By the Book)

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