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Captain Rollin Bannock was a Human Starfleet officer who served in the 23rd century.

By the early 2240s, Bannock had risen to be commanding officer of the USS Excalibur. During the Battle of Donatu V in 2244, Bannock devised a flanking maneuver that allowed Federation forces to overcome the Klingons and force them to withdraw. On the following years, Bannock's strategy became known as one of the most brilliant gambits in military history.

By 2251, Bannock had assumed command of the Constitution-class starship, USS Republic. In that year, Bannock was able to convince the Axanarri to sign a peace treaty with the Federation during the Axanar Peace Mission. Following the success of the mission, Bannock and several members of his crew, including Cadet James T. Kirk, the Palm Leaf of Axanar.

Later that year, the Republic returned to Earth so that the crew could enjoy two weeks of shore leave. Instead of joining his crew on the surface, Bannock and his command staff agreed to remain aboard and lead a two-week Starfleet Academy training expedition along the Klingon Neutral Zone. When the cadets beamed aboard, Bannock and Commander Rodianos welcomed them aboard personally. Later on, he introduced all of his senior staff to the cadets.

During the voyage, Bannock began to grow concerned about the relationship between Gary Mitchell and Kirk. Following an incident on the bridge, when Mitchell hacked into the navigation console, Bannock ordered Mitchell off the bridge when he wouldn't listen to Kirk's order to leave. Shortly after, he called Mitchell into his office and ordered Mitchell to keep away from Kirk, as he believed Kirk was command material, and he didn't want Mitchell ruining his chances. When Mitchell refused to do so, Bannock pledged to drive a wedge between them.

Shortly after, the Republic was reassigned to visit the planet Heir'tzan and observe the reconciliation between the two main factions that were native to the planet. Although intially concerned about the mission, he assigned Cadets' Kirk, Mitchell, and Phelana Yudrin, to aid the security forces who were ordered to make sure the ceremony took place.

Following the kidnapping and attempted assassination of one of the Heiren telepaths, Bannock learned that Kirk and Mitchell were responsible for rescuing the telepath and ensuring the ceremony proceeded. Although the cadets had done this by breaking his orders to remain in the bakery, and breaking Heiren customs by using their phasers, Bannock admitted that he would have taken the same action and place a commendation on both of their service records. (TOS - My Brother's Keeper novel: Republic)


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