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The Age of Expansion was a period within Romulan history after their settlement of their new homeworld of Romulus in the Romulan year 305 which was in the Terran year of 674.

This moment was a glorious period for the newly named Romulan people which brought an era of conquest and colonization. Admirals of the various fleets would encounter numerous other civilizations; one of these races were the Buqret who were much more advanced then the Zelvorians as well as more aggressive. The first Romulan scout ship was shot from the sky by the Buqret who fiercely defended their home planet on a level that surpassed the Romulans. It was only through the Romulans' better power base and technology were they able to gain victory.

Though aggressive expansionists, the Romulans did provide a level of peace along their side of space. This could be seen among the Xhuj and Noulleroi vassal states who had previously had a deep hatred of each other on such a level that they were incapable of uniting even against the interstellar threat the Romulans represented. The Romulans destroyed the military bases of both races and removed the threat they saw in each other. Within three generations, the two races completely forgot about their warring pasts, with their ancient hatreds being nothing more then legends as the two races lived harmoniously under the Romulan leadership.

After the Age of Expansion came the Romulan Civil War which brought about the formation of the Romulan Star Empire. (Last Unicorn RPG module: The Way of D'era: The Romulan Star Empire)

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